About us

Spearheads of Boomkwekerij Ko Noordman

We are specialised in propagating shrubs from cuttings and by grafting. Most of the plants we grow for one season up to one year old, healthy and strong liners.

Our main goal, concerning grafted liners, is to create a product which will give no, or as few as possible, wild branches on the rootstocks. This is to save time and labour for our clients. Of course in a just price/quality range.

Grafts and cuttings
Most of the scions and cuttings we use are cut from motherplants in our own nursery. This guarantees freshness and retention of quality.

During the time plants are on our nursery, qualitychecks are made on a regular basis by the Dutch authorities. Exported plants can be delivered with a plantpassport, if desired, as a result of these qualitychecks. We’re also supported by consultants of two services who keep a sharp eye on threats of any kind, and they advise how to keep the plants healthy. Of course we don’t use methods which harm the environment.

We trade and deliver in compliance with “HBN 2008” and later made additions/changes.On request we can store plants in cool conditions for a short period, in order to increase the planting- or potting season. Orders are quickly handled to ensure the quality of the plants. Barerooted liners are best transported in palletboxes wrapped in plastic.


On request we will send you our up-to-date stocklist. Send your question to: info(at)konoordman.com


Corylus avellana 'Contorta' Hibiscus syr. Flower Tower Purple / Ruby / White' PBR Syringa Bloomerang 'Pink Perfume' PBR